Types of Software Developers: Whom to Hire

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This article is intended for people who plan to develop their IT product, but don’t yet know what kind of specialists they need.

Other specialists are often involved in the development

Apart from developers, some projects, especially complex and specialized ones, require Data Science specialists, Data Engineers, and DevOps engineers. They can’t be called developers, however, some projects can’t be realized without their participation.

Data Science Specialist

Practically any project involving data processing would require Data science specialists. The work of Data Science professionals assumes the processing, analysis, and modeling of data. 

Many successful IT projects involve data analytics. Such companies as Amazon, Netflix, and other big companies analyze tons of data to improve user experience and find the best products/movies for their users.

Projects they participate in: Projects involving data collection and analysis with further processing into a more comprehensive and convenient format. 

What they use in their work: programming, machine learning, data visualization, big data platforms.

Data Engineer

Data engineers design and create data systems. These systems collect and process raw data into a piece of meaningful information. This information is sequentially used by Data Science specialists and business analysts.

Data engineers work with Data Science specialists, increasing data transparency and enabling companies to take more reliable business decisions.

This profession requires a certain technical skillset including deep knowledge of database design and programming languages. 

Projects they participate in: Projects dealing with data collection and database system design. Practically, such specialists are needed on any large project.

What they use in their work: ETL Tools, SQL, Python, Spark and Hadoop, HDFS, and Amazon S3.

DevOps Engineer

The DevOps Engineer works on everything that makes development faster and more efficient. He automates development processes, works with cloud technologies, integrates various parts of the code, etc.

DevOps engineers are required in almost all IT projects. They accompany the product life cycle from start to finish, help to combine all processes into a single system and reduce development time while increasing its efficiency and safety.

Projects they participate in: involved in practically all types of projects to provide quality products for the end-user.

What they use in their work: Version control instruments (GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab), continuous integration services, application performance monitoring tools (Prometheus, Dynatrace, AppDynamics), server deployment, and monitoring tools (Splunk, Datadog).

What specialists do you need for your project?

Every project is unique, however, there are typical projects that have similarities in terms of the team required to develop them.

We’ve put together a spreadsheet of typical projects and developers you might need to bring these projects to life.

Description of the designer, QA engineer, and music author is out of the scope of this article since they are not directly related to software development.

Should you have any further questions feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to tell you what specialists are needed to complete your project.