Jay.devs is...

a team of software engineers that can be quickly integrated into your project and deliver it to market. We are over 50 skilled technical experts in Mobile and Web development and QA. Founded in 2017, we have already completed more than 50 projects with successful releases.

Only proven engineers make up our team: Seniors and Leads with a minimum of 5 years of software development experience.
Good spoken English helps us to easily join your project, communicate and collaborate effectively during the whole working process.
Our mentors with 15+ years of experience in IT could help (on demand) you organize the involvement of our developers in your projects in the most productive way.
***All candidates are available for an interview and a trial period.


Design Creating engaging UI & UX design to help users achieve their goals.
Development Frontend, backend, fullstack, mobile development supporting your software projects.
QA Manual and automation testing during the development process.

Main Technologies

The Dedicated Development Team

model is the right choice for companies who need to easily scale their development teams with highly specialized and specific talents.

Share your business goals, project requirements and skills that your development team needs.
Let us match your needs with the most relevant expertise and provide with CVs for your review.
Interview the best suited engineers to understand their technical background and soft skills.
Monitor ongoing development process via regular reports and status meetings and adjust your development team lineup to a specific project.

SupportLogic CRM

#Software&HiTech #web
React, Redux, d3; REQL, machine learning
Jay.devs engineers helped us a lot with the UI part. They are great at Front-end development and optimizing applications with lots of data. We were impressed by their flexibility and seamless integration into our work process.
Krishna Raj Raja
CEO at SupportLogic, Inc
A huge CRM system with tracking tickets, statuses, various charts and statistics. The application uses data in the form of tickets for sports matches and related statistics. During the software development process the Jay.devs team has also optimized the application, reducing its size and load time. Implemented functionality: - Development of new pages and components to structure the data; - As part of the optimization, the application is broken into pieces of code that are loaded in the background.


#Sport&Healthcare #mobile #ios
Everyone we work with is communicative, responsible and flexible. They’ve been consistently transparent about their progress and proactive about problems arising mid-sprint.
Anand Vasan
Director at Technocrat Holdings Pty Ltd
The Odds On application is a feature-rich prototype designed to test how users will play and interact in the competitive setting of sports betting. This easy-to-understand application gives access to the realistic sport betting competition that uses real odds from real odds markets in real time and in various sports. This way the application provides the user with the opportunity to understand real betting strategies and get pleasure in a competitive game.