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Insurance master

The unified database of relevant and structured information about different insurance programs for different employees, which allows to fill the complex forms with necessary information, to control the different steps of the process, to make an export and an import in various formats and to replicate the data into other data stores.


An application that allows users to submit their materials via web directly to print. Being integrated with InDesign Server the system provides a plenty of templates for creation of unique print materials


The unified database of relevant and structured information about goods, which allows to manage the exchange of marketing, technical and commercial information about the assortment, to make an export and an import in various formats, depending on the tasks to be accomplished

Media Asset Management

A web application that manages a huge amount of products in one place and imports the updates from external system (SAP) once a day. Work management module organizes the working process by creating special projects for editing products. Media asset management module works with all media and digital files of the products, stores in own file system and maintains previews for the files.


A feature-rich prototype designed to test how users will play and interact in the competitive setting of sports betting

Heart reader

An application for automated reading, storage and dimension analyses of heart rate that is designed specifically for elderly people. The analysis of heart rhythm abnormalities allows AI to diagnose possible heart problems at an early stage.

Marketing Automation Assistant

A solution designed for marketers working with the audience in Ad networks such as Adwords or Facebook. The configuration tool helps to manage the audience and deliver specific data to the target customers.

Media Management Platform

A cloud solution for searching, publishing and collaborating on the graphical models, regardless of the type of modeling tool.


A module in CRM that predicts customer behaviour using machine learning algorithms. It forms the list of recommended activities for the most efficient interaction with every potential customer.

Platform-Type Surveys Solution

A web-platform that automates survey participation. It enables it's users to submit data spending less time and effort. Using the platform becomes easier over time thanks to help of machine-learning algorithms.


An SDK that allows mobile and web developers to expand their product's functionality with photo/video transformation tools. It allows them to remove the existing object or place a new one in real-time

Shopping Direction

A mobile-commerce platform for smart shopping with a wide selection of deals: from restaurants, pubs and salons to tattoo studios, fun activities and etc.


A hybrid mobile application that provides information required to heal better after surgery


A mobile daily planner that empowers people to keep up with the demands of modern life, reclaim happiness, and flourish in every way


A Mobile application for bicycle ride and routes tracking

Transportation management

Web & mobile applications for transportation company. It helps its users to get actual information on bus routes and schedule of company buses for each stop with download option


A corporate mobile SaaS platform that gives the company's clients access to Customer Experience (CX) measurements of their resources on the go. The mobile application provides a visualization of CX data in the form of tables.

Assortment Optimization

A platform used by merchants and retailers to plan assortment, track and predict customers' behavior using with the help of analytical tools. The analysis of data on retail outlets, customers, products and so on for a certain period helps determine the optimal set, quantity and placement of goods on the shelves.

Easy Broker

A web service for insurance brokers that automates the filling of pdf-files

We have been developing IT products for 10 years. And we understand that technical expertise is the heart of any IT startup and it’s important to maintain it in your team. Otherwise, why do investors need you?

Therefore, we are not trying to sell you turnkey projects or turnkey solutions - you don’t need them. We are focused on creating the best staff augmentation service for startups, in which it is easy to control quality, risks and internal expertise.

And we also do advanced resource management so that you don’t waste your money.

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