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The Complete Guide on How to Hire PHP Developers in 2024

PHP is the cornerstone of web development, so here we’re going to go over the process of how to hire dedicated PHP developers.

PHP is the most common programming language used for website development. W3Techs report that it is used for 76.7% of all websites with a known server-side programming language.

The importance of PHP to developing web content means hiring PHP developers suitable for the job can make or break a project.

This article will discuss the role of PHP developers, how to hire a PHP developer, what skills to look for, and where to hire PHP coders.

What is PHP?

PHP is an open-source, server-side programming language used for web development. It is a general-purpose programming language and can be embedded into HTML. The most significant advantage of PHP is that it is effortless to learn but also has powerful advanced features that dedicated PHP developers can draw on.

Dutch-Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf created PHP in 1993, although it’s now developed by the PHP Group. The PHP acronym originally meant Personal Home Page, although it’s now also known by the recursive acronym PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.

PHP web development services are big business. A considerable number of household name websites use PHP, including Facebook, WordPress, Etsy, BBC, Ikea, Kaspersky, The Guardian, TinyURL, and Survey Monkey.

What Does a PHP Developer Do?

PHP is a server-side, back-end-focused programming language. A PHP developer makes applications, programs, and websites with the PHP programming language. We can also describe a PHP programmer for hire as a web developer, as the skills involve crossover with other forms of website development.

Role of a PHP developer

The role of a PHP developer varies from company to company, but critical tasks include:

  • Writing, testing, and troubleshooting code for websites, programs, and applications
  • Maintenance of code for the above
  • Resolving scripting compatibility issues
  • Creating criteria and problem-solving for the implementation of upcoming content
  • Integrating plugins for frameworks
  • Integrating content from front-end developers

Why Hire PHP Developers?

PHP development is popular for compelling reasons. Hiring PHP developers allows you to gain the numerous benefits of PHP web development. The advantages of using PHP include:

  • PHP is fast
  • It is feasible and versatile
  • Wide database connectivity
  • Cost-effective
  • High supply of PHP coders for hire
  • Efficient object-oriented nature

Let’s explain why these points are advantageous for efficient web application development.

PHP is fast

Software developed with PHP loads quickly. PHP content runs on its own memory space, which enables this feature.

It is feasible and versatile

PHP can be used for a wide range of software content and is feasible to run on any default server. It can be used for full software development or server-side solutions.

Database connectivity

One of PHP’s greatest strengths is its broad database connectivity. It can connect with multiple database servers, such as the free and open-source MySQL, the most common database system used by PHP web programmers.

Cost-effective execution

PHP and many of its related tools are open-source, which means PHP app development is agile and keeps costs down. This is because you can keep licensing fee costs down and develop custom capabilities for a project rather than relying on what a software vendor already offers.

High supply

PHP is the most common programming language used for web development. This means there is a wide and deep pool of highly skilled talent to draw on when hiring dedicated PHP programmers.

Object-oriented nature

From release 5.0 onward, PHP has supported object-oriented development. Object-oriented development is efficient, making troubleshooting, code reuse, and flexibility easier. Therefore, hiring a PHP programmer keeps your development process agile and saves your money.

Common Criticisms of PHP

Whenever something is as ubiquitous as PHP, it will inevitably pick up some detractors. There are some very outspoken critics of PHP in the software development community. One reason is that PHP is easy to learn, and this accessibility can lead to tall poppy syndrome among certain developers.

Many of the technical criticisms can be traced back to the origin of the PHP programming language. Rasmus Lerdorf originally developed it as a tool suite to enable him to make coding his own website less time-consuming —  not as a programming language. He released PHP as an open-source toolkit, although it was initially very limited in scope.

PHP development was later undertaken by a team, and it was rewritten several times. However, there remain inconsistencies in the language. These inconsistencies can result in errors more easily than other programming languages, which are more restrictive in what you can code. Nonetheless, a skilled PHP programmer can create web applications efficiently and without errors.

The Main Skills of a PHP Developer

You need to consider two skill sets when hiring a dedicated PHP programmer: Hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills refer to software developers’ technical abilities, while soft skills refer to a person’s interpersonal skills.

Hard skills need to be considered when looking at PHP developers for hire. However, soft skills are also necessary, as project management can quickly become a nightmare if the team can’t work together. To hire a PHP developer who can get the job done, you need to get an all-rounder with a handle on both skills.

We’ll review critical hard skills and then soft skills to help you hire the best PHP professional for your project.

1. A clear understanding of PHP frameworks

PHP frameworks enable you to build programs without excessive amounts of code writing, so understanding them is crucial to efficiency. For example: Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, etc.

2. Hands-on experience with SQL/MySQL databases

MySQL is fast, secure, and the most popular database system for PHP development, so experience with the system is a core asset.

3. Understanding of HTML and CSS

Understanding HTML and CSS is essential for developers as PHP controls the HTML and CSS sent to the browser.

4. Understanding JavaScript

It’s an asset for a developer to understand JavaScript, as PHP and JavaScript functions can be combined to develop dynamic web page content.

5. High proficiency in control systems (SVN/Git)

Understanding how to use version control tools such as SVN and Git is integral to software creation.

6. Working knowledge of CMS like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress

Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress are widely used content management systems built on PHP and are a core part of PHP development.

Soft skills of a PHP developer

The soft skills to consider when you hire PHP app developers are similar to those you need to look for on any development team. Critical skills to look for include:

  • The willingness to put the team first
  • Fluent English ability
  • Effective communication skills
  • Excellent time management
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Accountability and the desire to take on constructive feedback

These and other soft skills can be assessed during the interview process. If you use a vendor to find PHP developers, then they will also be able to vet team members to ensure they have the full suite of required soft skills.

Where to Find PHP Developers

There is a vast talent pool to draw from when you want to find a PHP developer. There are so many choices that it can be a bit daunting. Let’s break down the options for finding PHP programmers for hire. We’ll look at how to use each method and consider the pros and cons of each.

The options are:

  • Freelance marketplaces
  • Job networks
  • Outsourcing agencies

Freelance marketplaces

Freelance marketplaces such as LinkedIn, Upwork, and Fiverr all have substantial amounts of freelance development talent on hand.

The advantage of using marketplaces is the wide range of workers and potentially cheaper rates.

However, the disadvantages include a lack of vetting, which can lead to quality control issues, and the time involved with sorting through and assessing the various freelancers that apply.

Furthermore, freelance workers can quit the project anytime, leaving you back on the marketplace and having to repeat the process.

Job networks

Job networks are sites like Indeed and Monster that act like traditional job boards. The advantage of such sites is the ability to be seen by many people.

However, the disadvantages include having to do the process of vetting and interviewing an extensive range of candidates and the fact that many workers on such sites are looking for full-time roles with all the associated benefits.

After all, time is money. If all you want to do is get the right PHP coder for hire and get them on the job quickly, there are more efficient ways to do it.

Outsourcing companies

The final option when you hire PHP web developers is to outsource to an agency (also known as an IT vendor). The disadvantage of this approach is that it can be more expensive than hiring freelancers.

However, this approach has several advantages to finding a PHP programmer for hire.

The advantages include vetted developers, a specialized talent pool, ongoing support, and the ability to replace staff from the agency’s list quickly.

One affordable and reliable option for hiring a PHP programmer is engaging the Lithuanian company JayDevs. JayDevs has a large pool of specialized software development talent, which it can make available to clients within a seven-day window, which runs from the day you contact the agency to the day the developers start work.

JayDevs exclusively engages senior and lead developers, so you know you aren’t stuck with a rookie when working with them. Due to the affordable rates of hiring Lithuanian development talent, you can hire highly skilled developers from JayDevs at lower rates than the cost of hiring developers from North America or Western Europe.

To gain these advantages for your project, contact JayDevs today via the website. Hit the “Hire Developers” button, describe the talent you seek, and within 24 hours, we will reply with CVs of suitable developers.

Our roster includes a wide range of top PHP developers and other development specialties.

PHP Developers Salary: How Much Does it Cost to Hire a PHP Developer?

The cost to hire a PHP coder varies according to skill set, hiring method, and location. Below, you can see the cost of hiring a PHP developer as a freelancer in North America, as reported by Upwork.

ZipRecruiter reports that the national average cost to hire a PHP developer on salary in the United States is $52 an hour. The company also notes that the annual income for a PHP coder ranges from $29,500 to $147,000. Thus, we can see an average PHP coder in a salaried position earning almost as much as a full-stack specialist in a freelancing job.

The costs of engaging a PHP coder for hire can be reduced by using north-eastern European development talent. Lithuanian dedicated development company JayDevs offers PHP programmers with an hourly rate ranging from $39 to $49. The company exclusively deals with senior and lead developers so you can engage highly skilled developers for a pretty reasonable cost.

10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a PHP Developer

Here are ten questions and answers that you can ask when filling PHP developer jobs. These questions can help ensure you’re getting the right person.

1. What are Traits?

Traits are a powerful feature that enables you to make reusable code in PHP and other languages that do not support multiple inheritance.

2. What are the three main error types for PHP?

PHP’s three main error types are Notices, Warnings, and Fatal. Notices are non-critical errors, warnings are more severe but enable the script to continue to run, while Fatal terminates the script.

3. What are getters and setters, and why do they matter?

Getters and setters are ways to obtain or declare value variables. They matter because they enable a central location to deal with data before returning it to the developer or declaring it.

4. What experience do you have with LAMP?

LAMP is a solution stack that enables you to make a stand-alone platform for a web app. This question allows you to gauge a developer’s experience in completing a project.

5. How do PHP and HTML interact?

PHP can generate HTML, and information can be transferred from HTML to PHP.

6. How are PHP and JavaScript able to interact?

PHP can exchange variables with JavaScript as the former can generate JavaScript code to be executed in the browser.

7. What is PEAR?

PEAR stands for PHP Extension and Application Repository. It’s a framework for reusable components.

8. How do static and dynamic websites differ?

Content can’t be altered once the script has run on a static website. In a dynamic website, script content can be changed at the runtime.

9. How do sessions and cookies differ?

Sessions store a value on a server, while cookies store a value in the user’s browser.

10. Is PHP case-sensitive?

PHP is partially case-sensitive. The names of variables are case-sensitive, but function names are not.

What Should You Know Before Hiring a PHP Developer?

There are four key things to remember when you want to fill a PHP developer job. They are:

  • The developer’s role is crucial
  • The hiring model should be predetermined
  • Communication is vital
  • Adaptability = better outcomes

The developer’s role is crucial

The developers are the linchpin to success when using PHP for an online business project. Therefore, the vetting and interview process when engaging developers is critical to hiring the right people.

There are several steps to go through when you hire PHP web app developers. Once you’ve evaluated a developer’s hard and soft skills, the following essential action is assessing the developer’s past projects. Their portfolio will show you how well the developer’s skill set translates into concrete results.

The hiring model should be predetermined

There are two ways to pay for development services: Hourly and fixed cost.

The hourly model involves the developer charging for the actual time spent on the project. Fixed cost involves the developer creating a quote for the entire project or modules within a larger project.

Determining your approach before engaging developers and clarifying your expectations is essential.

A contractual fixed-cost approach has the advantage of making the requirements crystal clear and not subject to cost overruns.

The project must be outlined in detail before starting the contract. This is time-consuming and may be subject to errors that only become apparent once the project begins.

Which approach is right will depend on the details of the project.

Communication is vital

Developing a mobile or web app is an in-depth process that often has unforeseen complications. Therefore, the best PHP developers will have the required technical skills and excel at communication skills. This will allow your team to sail through troubled waters without unnecessary conflict or delays.

To foster smooth communication while developing software solutions, ensure the following:

  • There is a means for seamless communication with your developers
  • Your requirements are clearly communicated
  • There is a clear feedback cycle for the work being done

Adaptability = better outcomes

It’s essential to engage developers who are adaptable to unexpected circumstances. You may need to implement new features or change your approach during the project, and you’ll want a developer who can roll with this and approach the problems creatively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PHP developer?

A PHP developer creates applications and websites using the PHP scripting language.

Plus icon

Are PHP developers in demand?

PHP developers are in high demand due to how universal PHP use is. As mentioned, PHP is used for 76.7% of all websites.

Plus icon

What is the hourly rate of PHP developers?

The average hourly rate when hiring PHP developers on salary in the United States is $52. The cost to hire freelance PHP developers in North America is $15+ for simple back-end work, $30+ for back-end specialists, and $45+ for full-stack developers. To hire remote PHP developers through JayDevs, the hourly rate margin is $39 to $49. JayDevs only deals with senior and lead developers.

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How do I hire a PHP developer?

There are a range of options for hiring expert PHP developers, including a traditional job posting, hiring freelancers, or engaging dedicated development agencies.

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Where can I find PHP developers?

You can find expert PHP coders on job search platforms such as Indeed, as well as on freelancing marketplaces like Upwork.

The third option is engaging an agency such as JayDevs to cut down on the time and cost involved with recruiting talent for your development project. JayDevs can provide developers to start work within seven days of contact. The JayDevs team can be contacted via the “Hire Developers” button on the JayDevs main page.

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How to shortlist PHP development professionals?

When you engage an agency to hire an experienced PHP developer, they can conduct the shortlisting process for you and present relevant developers to you to interview.

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Why hire dedicated PHP developers?

PHP is the most widely used programming language for websites for a reason. It is fast and versatile and there’s a huge pool of skilled development talent available.

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How to select the best company to hire a dedicated PHP programmer?

It’s best to only work with PHP development companies that have a broad workforce of available talent, whose developers speak fluent English, and who only deal with vetted, experienced candidates. JayDevs meets all these requirements and more.

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Will the PHP Developers work according to my timezone preference?

A freelancer PHP coder for hire may or may not work according to your timezone preference.

Lithuanian dedicated development company JayDevs has a pool of developers who are flexible with regard to the hours that they work. The JayDevs team is well aware that time zones are a concern for companies that are looking to hire PHP programmers so they are committed to finding solutions to time-zone difficulties.

Furthermore, the team has a range of communication tools available to them that can help aid flexibility to cater to different timezone requirements.

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Why hire dedicated PHP programmers from an agency, not freelancers?

The advantages of using an agency to hire a PHP specialist include an affordable cost compared to hiring full-time staff, thoroughly vetted developers, a streamlined hiring process, and ongoing support from the agency.

Replacing team members when necessary is also a lot simpler and faster when done through an agency compared to conducting an open freelance or salaried interview process.

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