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Guide on How to Hire Java Developers in 2023

Java is a versatile and powerful programming language capable of a huge variety of software development tasks. This article will detail what Java is, the benefits of Java programming, how to hire dedicated Java developers, where to hire programmers, and address frequently asked questions.

What Is Java?

Java is a programming language released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Despite the language was created back in 1995 it is still actively used nowadays. Statistical data speak in favor of it. According to the 2020 Stackoverflow survey, Java is in the 5th position among all the software development technologies.

The language is multi-platform, object-oriented, and network-centric and it can be used as a platform in itself. It’s also free to use for personal use and development.

It’s typically used for server-side development and has been a popular choice for web development for over two decades. Games and applications on Android, desktop allocations, cloud data storage, etc. Java application field is so broad that we can certainly say that almost every person used the results of Java developers’ work. Application of Java also spreads to:

  • Big data;
  • Analytics;
  • Machine learning;
  • Robotic medicine, and others.

Its popularity is not limited to web apps, however. As VDC Research explains “Java remains the #1 language for security, analytics, blockchain, data management, microservices, and more.”

Advantages of Hiring a Java Developer

There are numerous advantages to hiring Java developers. These include gaining the benefits of Java’s cross-platform capabilities, broad use cases, a large ecosystem of active users, scalability, security, stability, and ease of use.

Furthermore, millions of software engineers run more than 60 billion Java Virtual Machines worldwide, so when you hire Java programmers you have a wide pool of quality talent available.

What Kinds of Projects Can Be Implemented in Java?

Java can be used for development projects in the following areas: mobile, desktop, web, games, smart devices, distributed applications, cloud-based applications, big data processing, enterprise development, and more.

Top Companies Using Java

There’s no shortage of household names in tech that use Java for software development. Some notable companies that use Java include Google, Spotify, Netflix, Airbnb, Meta (for Instagram), Amazon, and Uber.

Responsibilities of Java Developer

In 2021 there are about 9.4 million Java developers on the globe. This figure keeps growing daily. Before you determine what developer of this great number you precisely need, you should clearly understand the project tasks you want this person to accomplish.

Core responsibilities of a Java developer might include:

  • Creation of application design and logic;
  • Testing and revealing probable bugs;
  • Debugging and tweaking to the operational state;
  • Project implementation;
  • Technical project support on all the stages.

Depending on your project specifics, the scope of the developer’s responsibilities of a developer can increase, decrease, and vary in terms of complexity. We’ll go into more detail about specific skills for the role below.

Hard and Soft Skills of Java Developers

When you hire Java developers it’s worth evaluating both their hard and soft skills. Hard skills refer to quantifiable technical skills, while soft skills relate to character traits and interpersonal skills.

The importance of hard skills for a software engineer is self-explanatory, but soft skills are also vital for a team member to effectively work with other people.

Tech skill set required for a Java developer

Below we’ll list the hard skills and soft skills you’ll want to look for in a Java developer for hire, starting with an analysis of hard skills. The list of skills can be increased depending on the particular requirements of your project.

Knowledge of Java

To hire the best Java programmer you should ensure they have sound knowledge of the language and concepts such as lists, loops, variables, and control structures.

Experience in applying Java build tools: Maven and Gradle

Build automation tools enable the automation of tasks when creating, executing, and testing programs. To save time and resources in Java-based programming, developers should have a handle on commonly used build tools such as Maven or Gradle.

Experience with Java libraries

Java has a large contingent of libraries and effectively leveraging the use of them is essential for getting the most out of the language.

Experience with Java frameworks

Java frameworks, which have pre-written code, make building Java apps fast and easy and are therefore a core area of knowledge for top Java developers. Spring frameworks are one of the most commonly used, due to the versatility of Spring, but there is a range of options available.

Knowledge of object-oriented programming basics and coding patterns

Java is built around the notion of objects and a full understanding of object-orientated programming enables problems to be solved easily, with greater productivity and ease of scalability, among other benefits.

Knowledge of Java testing tools: Selenium and TestNG

The testing framework TestNG and automation testing tool Selenium enable developers to cut down on maintenance costs and optimize the testing process.

Basic knowledge of HTML layout

While client-side languages such as HTML are not the bread and butter of a Java programmer, understanding the language and layouts helps a Java programmer effectively create user-friendly and modern web applications.

Ability to work with Git control systems

The ability to work with a version control system such as Git is important as it allows developers to efficiently make, track, and manage changes to Java code.

Ability to work with databases

Knowledge of how to effectively work with databases is essential for more complex programming tasks that have a wider range of functionality, in order to store and retrieve the necessary data.

Java libraries every mobile developer needs to know

One of the distinctive features of Java is its multifunctional and extensive library base. Libraries are a set of ready functions, objects, models, classes, etc. used to address project tasks.

The skill of working with libraries is a must, as it reduces time input to create a project at all stages, reduces the number of errors in the code, and facilitates development.

The most common libraries used for Java applications are listed in the table below. No matter what project you want to implement, a developer will most likely need them:

Soft skill basics of Java developers

The soft skills to look for when you hire a dedicated Java developer include conflict resolution, clear communication, time management, being a team player, adaptability, and problem-solving.

Best Models for Hiring Java Programmers

There are four main engagement models to consider when you hire Java developers, which we’ll detail below.


Hiring in-house is the traditional way to hire a Java programmer. Hiring in this way enables you to thoroughly vet staff, build a close-knit team, and maintain full control over the project.

However, you pay a premium for these benefits. Hiring in-house is typically the most expensive way to build a development team. It’s also time-consuming to conduct a traditional hiring process – the average hiring process is 42 days.


Java freelancers potentially have the lowest rates out of all the hiring methods, which is the main upside to engaging a Java developer freelance worker. Java freelancing has fewer overheads, which allows for cheaper rates. However, engaging a Java freelancer also comes with some problems.

You have the least direct control over the work being done by a freelancer, who is outside any organizational constraints.

There’s also little recourse available if any problems crop up with Java freelance projects. Many of these workers are part-time Java developers who are also working on other projects.

You can try discussing the issue with the freelancer. However, if they don’t want to play ball on the issue, there’s not much you can do but drop them from the project.

Outsourcing teams

One way to hire the best Java programmers is to outsource teams. Outsourcing allows you to delegate software development to experts while you focus on your core business. This has the benefit of cutting down management time and also reducing costs.

If you work with a trusted software development agency with a strong track record of delivering software solutions, then you also have the benefit of oversight and structure to keep the developers accountable. No method is risk-free, but using this method is safer than engaging freelancers.

Dedicated software development teams

The best place to engage dedicated software development teams is an agency that specializes in software development. Through building a thoroughly vetted and experienced team of developers for hire, a specialist agency can craft solutions and custom teams to meet your development requirements.

For this look no further than Lithuania’s JayDevs, which has a demonstrable track record of quality software development solutions. You can outline your developer requirements in our ‘Hire Developers’ button.

The Cost of Hire Dedicated Java Developer

The cost to hire dedicated Java developers can vary on a number of factors. Below we’ll discuss how experience level and the location in which you find a Java developer can affect the cost.

Annual salary by regions

The table below providing the average annual income in different countries will assist you. The values are taken from the Glassdoor:

Hourly rates depending on the region

Location can significantly affect the cost of hiring Java software developers. In the United States, the average hourly rate for a Java programmer is $50.87. However, to hire the best Java programmer can cost as much as $75 an hour, while beginner programmers can be hired for as little as $22.12 an hour.

If you hire Java programmers online who work outside the USA or Western Europe, you can make significant savings. For example, Lithuanian software development company JayDevs has senior Java developers and above who work for an hourly rate which ranges from $32 to $62.

Skill level

Skill level is another factor that can impact the cost of hiring software developers. As mentioned, in the USA an entry-level Java coder can be hired for as little as $22.12 an hour, while a Java expert can command as much as $75 an hour.  So we can see that hiring experienced programmers can cost more than triple the amount it costs to hire a beginner.

Cooperation models

Once you’ve decided where to hire programmers, you’ll need to put some thought into the best cooperation model for your Java development process. The cooperation model options are pay per project, hourly rate, or hiring a dedicated Java developer through an agency.

Paying per project is a good solution if you know exactly what you need and you can outline it very clearly. The exact cost is also agreed on beforehand.  However, it can be time-consuming to fully outline a project in detail before starting and it makes it difficult to make changes on the fly. Also, you have less direct control over the process.

Paying an hourly rate has the advantage of potentially lowering costs for the company, as you only have to pay directly for the hours worked. However, this can lead to unpredictable costs, as the hours may run up more than anticipated. It also can lead to more staff turnover as staff aren’t locked in for the full project.

Hiring a dedicated Java developer through an agency has the advantage of being able to set the agreed monthly salary or project cost before starting. It’s also very scalable, as the agency can bring onboard more staff when needed, and is great for long-term projects as you can continue collaborating with the same agency and Java development team on an ongoing basis and they provide security in terms of keeping the required number of staff on the job.

Additional costs

It’s prudent to set out additional costs in an agreement before a project is started. This allows for unforeseen issues, such as complications that require the extension of a deadline, bringing additional resources to the table, or extending the contract.

Types of IT solutions

Another factor to keep in mind is that the type of IT solutions can alter the cost of a project. More simple jobs like simple mobile applications or hiring a web developer can be done at standard rates, while cloud management systems or more complex applications can cost more.

Scale and complexity

The number of features, modules, or complexity in a project can result in significant changes to the cost. Before engaging a developer it’s worth conducting an assessment on the scale and complexity of a project so an accurate cost assessment can be made.


Creating digital assets involves the use and creation of intellectual property, so when developing a product you’ll want to ensure it’s not infringing on copyright and that your own rights are protected.

When creating Java applications it’s therefore advisable to have staff sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect critical data.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I hire a Java developer?

The best way to hire a Java developer is to engage a software development company such as Lithuania’s JayDevs which specializes and has a verified track record of providing quality IT staffing solutions to companies. Talk to JayDevs today via our website to get the ball rolling.

Plus icon

Are Java developers in demand?

Java programmers are hugely in demand as it is one of the most popular programming languages. At the time of writing Java is ranked number two on Popularity of Programming Language Index, with a market share of 16.93%. The TIOBE Programming Community Index also ranks the language highly. At the time of writing it ranks Java in third place with a rating of 11.98%.

Plus icon

How much does it cost to hire a Java developer?

The median rate to hire Java developers in the United States is $117,000 annually. Entry-level Java engineers begin at $99,973 annually in the United States, while Java experts can command a salary of $149,908 annually. It’s possible to find a freelance Java developer cheaper internationally though.

The rates to hire Java developers on remote freelance marketplace Upwork are as follows:

  • Beginner: $25 per hour;
  • Intermediate: $49 per hour;
  • Advanced: $160 per hour.

When hiring Java developers through the JayDevs company, the hourly rate ranges from $32 to $62.

Plus icon

Will I have complete control over the hired Java developers?

Yes, when you hire Java developers (or other specialists) through JayDevs, you will retain complete control (if you want to) over the work and the direction of the project. JayDevs aims to provide exactly what you need to complete your project how you see fit.

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When do I need to hire a Java developer?

You may want to hire a Java developer to gain the benefits of working with a programming language that is hugely versatile, easy to use, cost-effective, reliable, secure and has cross-platform capabilities. Potential use cases for Java include development for mobile, desktop, web, games, smart devices, cloud computing, web services, data analytics and enterprise development.

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Do you have certified developers in your team?

Yes, JayDevs provides certified Java developers for hire. The company exclusively works with senior developers and solution architects with over five years’ experience and who are fluent in English.

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Is there a minimum number of developers for a contract?

At JayDevs there’s no minimum requirement in terms of staff numbers. JayDevs customizes their staffing solutions according to your needs to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction.

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How fast can I hire Java developers through JayDevs?

When you hire Java developers through JayDevs, they can start work within seven days. When you contact JayDevs via “Contact US” or the “Hire Developers” button on our website, we will get back to you within 24 hours. On the third day JayDevs will arrange interviews with your chosen developers, on the sixth day an agreement will be ready for you to sign and on the seventh day the developers will be ready to start work.

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Can JayDevs Java developers join and take over mid-project?

Yes, JayDevs specializes in getting developers on the job quickly at any stage in the development process. The company has a streamlined hiring process and has a number of experienced Java programmers for hire who know how to jump onboard and get up to speed quickly on projects.

Plus icon

How does the interview process work

After JayDevs sends you the CVs of potential hires for your project, you can shortlist your preferred Java programmers and JayDevs will arrange interviews with them. You’ll then have a few days to make your final selection on the candidates before an agreement is signed.

Plus icon

Will we sign an NDA before starting cooperation?

JayDevs understands the importance of security during the development process and therefore the company is more than happy to have their developers sign an NDA before starting work.

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How can I start working with JayDevs?

To hire dedicated Java developers click the “Hire Developers” button on these page and outline the requirements for your project. The company can then arrange for Java experts to start work on the project within seven days.

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