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Guide on How to Hire Python Developers

Python is a highly in-demand programming language that commands a large market share in web design, software, AI, and other applications. Powerful and easy to use, it is the most in-demand programming language globally, as ranked by several indexes.

Today, we’ll discuss how you and your company can benefit from working with this dynamic programming language. We’ll address what Python is and how to get the best value for money when hiring Python developers.

What Is Python?

Python was launched in 1991 by Dutch developer Guido van Rossum, and the Python Software Foundation administers the license. Its high-level data structures, dynamic typing, and dynamic binding make it attractive for rapid application development, as well as for use as a scripting or glue language to integrate components together.

As the Python Software Foundation explains, the reasons for using the language include the fact that it is “powerful, fast, plays well with others, runs everywhere, and is friendly and easy to learn.”

It’s easy to learn due to its simple syntax, which emphasizes readability and reduces program maintenance costs.

Who Is a Python Developer?

A Python developer is someone who codes, deploys, debugs, and maintains programs using the Python programming language.

Typically, these developers work on back-end development, although the language can also be used for front-end and full-stack development.

A Python programmer can create code for various purposes due to the versatility of the language.

What is the demand for Python

Python is in very high demand. It’s the number one language on the TIOBE Programming Community Index as of December 2023, with a rating score of 13.86%. The TIOBE ratings are based on the number of skilled engineers, courses, third-party vendors, and search engine figures.

At the time of writing, Python was also the number one language on the PYPL Popularity of Programming Language Index, with a share of 28.2%. This index is based on an analysis of Google searches for language tutorials.

The popularity of the language among developers has also been growing over time. In the last five years, it grew 3.2%, which was the fastest rate of any programming language.

If Python is so great, then it must be used by some big-name companies and projects, right? It certainly is. Here’s what a few developers at household-name companies had to say about the language:

Python has been an important part of Google since the beginning and remains so as the system grows and evolves. Today, dozens of Google engineers use Python, and we’re looking for more people with skills in this language.” —Google Inc. Director of Search Quality Peter Norvig.

Python is fast enough for our site and allows us to produce maintainable features in record times, with a minimum of developers” — YouTube software architect Cuong Do.

Python Developer Skills

The skills companies seek when they hire a Python programmer can vary a great deal due to how versatile the language is. Below, we’ll detail five essential skill sets for these developers.

  • Front-end technologies
  • AI and machine learning
  • Version control
  • Test automation framework
  • Data structures and algorithms

To get more specific, the top skills listed in job descriptions for Python programmers include AWS, Django, APIs, Docker, Linux, cloud computing, machine learning, JavaScript, Java, Git, continuous integration, SQL, React, Flask, REST, PostgreSQL, DevOps, microservices, Go and Kubernetes.

Front-end technologies

It goes without saying that knowledge of back-end development is important to consider when you hire a Python programmer. However, top Python software developers will also have experience with front-end technologies.

This is because it gives the developer the technical and conceptual knowledge to see the big picture in a project and create coordination between the front-end and back-end.

As a result, knowledge of client-side technology such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is worth considering when hiring developers.

AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are growing exponentially. The global AI market value was $136.55 billion in 2022. Furthermore, it is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 37.3% from 2023 to 2030.

The advantages we mentioned above that make Python an in-demand general-purpose programming language also help make it an excellent language for AI and machine learning.

Naturally, there are benefits if a Python software engineer has AI and machine learning experience if your projects involve these areas, but it can also assist in understanding bigger-picture issues when dealing with stakeholders and problem-solving.

Version control

When considering Python coders for hire, it’s worth looking at their experience with version control.

This is because, like any development process, working with this language will involve dealing with various versions to keep track of.

Familiarity with version control systems like Git facilitates collaboration among team members, including those responsible for server-side and client-side operations, thereby contributing to the successful realization of a business endeavor.

Test automation framework

It’s beneficial for Python developers for hire to have an understanding of test automation frameworks. Experience with using a framework for automated testing will help increase efficiency and speed and the associated costs.

Data structures and algorithms

Data structures and algorithms are important to accurate, rapid, and cost-effective programming. This is because storing and processing data efficiently reduces coding costs and increases data accuracy.

Therefore, a Python programmer for hire can demonstrate greater value to companies if they have knowledge of data structures and algorithms.

Python Developer Responsibilities

When hiring developers, the first step is to lay out the responsibilities associated with the position. Naturally, the role involves writing efficient and scalable code. There’s also a range of other responsibilities, though, which vary based on the employer’s requirements.

Potential responsibilities include testing and debugging code, developing server-side elements that increase responsiveness and performance, integrating user-friendly client-side components, improving the performance of existing elements, ensuring security and data protection, and coordinating with development teams and other staff to solve problems.

The responsibilities and expected experience level of developers will also vary according to their seniority in the organization. Below, we’ll explore how this varies between junior, mid-level, and senior developers.

A. Requirements for a junior/entry-level Python developer

  • Preferably one to two years of experience.
  • Knowledge of Python syntax
  • Working basics of SQL and CVS
  • Introductory knowledge of data structures
  • Experience with creating web applications

B. Requirements for a mid-level Python developer

  • Three to five years of experience
  • Knowledge of cloud computing services
  • Skill with object-oriented design
  • Experience with big data and e-commerce solutions
  • Able to write and build system components independently
  • Broad experience with maintaining code and fixing bugs

C. Requirements for a senior Python developer

  • Five or more years of experience
  • Extensive knowledge of JavaScript and HTML
  • Highly experienced with big data solutions
  • Skilled with data visualization tools
  • Extensive knowledge of Python frameworks such as Django, Flask, Bottle
  • Efficient ability and extensive knowledge of how to test and fix bugs
  • Leadership skills

Qualifications Required for Python Developer

Qualifications relevant for Python coders include a Bachelor’s degree, or for senior positions, a master’s degree in computer science, engineering, or a related field. Note that if the developer can demonstrate the relevant abilities and an appropriate portfolio of work with the language, then you may wish to bypass these as requirements.

Python Developer Job Roles

There are a number of possible job roles for Python programmers. We’ll discuss the details of three common roles below.

  • Data scientist
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Entry-level software developer

Data scientist

Data scientists collect, analyze, and interpret data, and Python is a flexible tool for data science applications. There are also various open-source libraries for the language for tasks such as data manipulation and visualization, statistics, and natural language processing.

Machine learning engineer

A machine learning engineer is someone who researches, builds, and designs artificial intelligence systems. This role is related to data science. It’s possible to create complex machine-learning operations and build systems quickly in Python due to the simplicity and consistency of the language. Therefore, the language is highly valued for machine learning among experienced Python coders.

Entry-level software developer

An entry-level software developer works within a team, including more senior engineers, to create, test, and maintain software. Python is an excellent language for entry-level software developers to expand their skills because it is simple to learn, while it can also be scaled to efficiently complete more complex tasks.

Two Important Things to Consider When Hiring Top Python Developers

There are three leading solutions for hiring Python developers, each with pros and cons. We’ll discuss each of them in detail below.

  • In-house Python developers
  • Freelance Python developers
  • Remote Python developers from the IT staff augmentation company
  1.  In-house Python developers

When it comes to hiring a Python developer, there are two popular avenues to consider: traditional in-house hiring and utilizing tech recruiting services. Let’s delve into each approach:

  • Traditional in-house hiring:

Choosing to hire a Python developer in-house presents certain advantages alongside notable costs. Bringing on a developer as a full-time employee entails expenses such as competitive salaries, benefits, and potential infrastructure investments to support their work.

Moreover, the conventional hiring process for in-house developers can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Scaling a team becomes less efficient, as each additional hire requires repeating the recruitment process from scratch.

Despite these challenges, hiring an in-house Python developer affords direct control over the work process and fosters a close working relationship. Through careful vetting and investment in the hiring process, you can ensure alignment with your company’s values and objectives.

To mitigate costs while retaining the benefits of in-house expertise, some businesses adopt a hybrid approach. They hire a core Python developer in-house and complement their skills with freelance or contract programmers as needed.

  • Hiring a Python developer through tech recruiting services:

Alternatively, businesses can opt to hire a Python developer through tech recruiting services. This approach offers several advantages, including cost-effectiveness and flexibility in scaling resources to match business requirements.

By leveraging tech recruiting services, businesses gain access to a diverse pool of skilled Python developers. These services streamline the recruitment process, enabling swift identification and onboarding of qualified candidates.

Additionally, tech recruiting services often provide access to specialized talent that may not be readily available through traditional hiring methods. This enables businesses to tap into niche expertise and stay competitive in rapidly evolving tech landscapes.

In summary, both traditional in-house hiring and hiring through tech recruiting services have their pros and cons. Businesses should carefully evaluate their specific needs and budget constraints to determine the most suitable approach for hiring a Python developer.

  1. Freelance Python developers

The benefit of hiring freelance Python developers is that it is often the lowest-cost solution.

The cost of hiring freelancers can be quite low, as there’s a large pool of freelance talent available looking for remote work on job platforms.

This talent can be sourced from around the world, so naturally, the bidding process can result in some quite cheap rates. This is also aided by the fact that freelancers have less business overheads than companies.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. When you work with freelance candidates, you have very little direct control over the work being done. Furthermore, if there are issues with their work or their communication, then there’s little recourse available to you as they don’t work within an organizational framework that keeps them accountable.

Another drawback of relying on freelancers is their lack of strong commitment to your company. While you may have signed an agreement with them, possibly on the platform where you hired them, there’s limited recourse available if they unexpectedly become unresponsive or unavailable.

There are also security concerns with engaging freelancers, particularly if you use them in large numbers and for long periods. The turnover tends to be high due to the low-commitment nature of freelance arrangements, which lacks any formal organizational structure binding the staff together. As a result, the constant flow of individuals in and out of your operations with access to sensitive company data becomes a significant concern.

  1. Remote Python developers from the IT staff augmentation company

Using IT staff augmentation company hires is a great middle-ground between the costs of hiring in-house and the risks of hiring freelance developers.

You can reduce wage costs by engaging an agency in locations such as Eastern Europe or Northern Europe, where wages are significantly cheaper than in Western Europe or North America. Furthermore, with remote agency workers, you don’t have to worry about paying for benefits, infrastructure, or other costs associated with using in-house developers.

Expanding a business initiative becomes swift and straightforward when collaborating with an IT staff augmentation company. A reputable company maintains an extensive pool of skilled Python developers, ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. This allows for rapid scaling of operations with minimal hassle or delay. 

Top-tier software service providers also deliver comprehensive planning, communication, and support to facilitate the successful execution of your initiatives. If you have any issues along the way, such as needing to replace or hire additional staff, then they’re right there to help you.

The disadvantages of using a software development agency are that they will likely be more expensive than hiring freelance developers and that you have less direct control than an in-house team.

B. Python developer salary: Pay less and gain more?

As discussed earlier, paying the highest wages by engaging North American or Western European software developers is unnecessary to gain the benefits of a highly qualified and skilled workforce.

These attributes can also be gained by working with software development professionals in locations with lower wage costs, such as Eastern Europe.

Python developer salary based on experience

The salary a Python coder can command varies significantly based on experience. The average Python coder in the United States earns an annual salary of $122,998.

The most experienced Python programmers working at the top companies can earn as much as $222,000+ annually in the United States. The previous figure is at the highest level, but experienced engineers earning as much as $150,000 annually can be found at a number of companies.

At the lower end of the scale, an entry-level Python coder may earn as little as $67,000 annually.

As you can see, the most experienced programmers can make more than double the average annual salary for the role, but entry-level workers can earn as little as 3/5ths of the average wage.

Python developer salary based on location

The cost to hire Python developers varies significantly according to location. In the United States, the average hourly base salary for Python programmers is $58.65. Note that this can vary between an average of $40 and $70 depending on the state, with tech hubs such as California or New York attracting the highest rates.

The cost to hire Python developers in Europe can be significantly lower, though, with average rates varying between $25 and $95 an hour.

Whether the price is closer to $25 or $95 depends on the level of experience and where you hire in Europe, with IT service costs being typically much higher in Western Europe and Scandinavia than in Eastern European markets such as Lithuania.

The ideal price-quality solution for you

To hire the best without breaking the bank, the ideal price-quality solution is to hire in a region with highly qualified and highly skilled developers who are available to work at reasonable rates.

To find this combination, look no further than Eastern Europe. In Lithuania, 18% of the population aged 25-34 possess tertiary qualifications, compared to an average of 14% across OECD countries.

In addition, Lithuania is ranked as High Proficiency in the EF English Proficiency Index and is ranked 21st in the world out of 113 countries in the index.

This means when you engage a Lithuanian software development agency like JayDevs, you get a highly qualified, extensively experienced workforce that speaks English fluently. Furthermore, JayDevs has senior software developers and solution architects available for hourly rates ranging from $29 to $62 an hour.

Getting this level of experience, qualifications, and English fluency in the United States just isn’t possible, where even the cheapest states start out with an average rate of $42 an hour, while some states reach as much as $70 an hour.

Submit your requirements to JayDevs

If you’re looking to streamline the process of hiring Python coders while saving on costs and time, reach out to JayDevs today. With our dual expertise in talent tech recruitment and IT staff augmentation, we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

We understand the intricacies of your industry and can swiftly identify the right individuals for your business needs. Upon receiving your requirements, our team at JayDevs swings into action. We conduct a thorough assessment to match your needs with the most suitable candidates from our talent pool. Whether you require short-term assistance or a long-term addition to your team, we have the resources and expertise to fulfill your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Python developers do?

Python is a general-purpose programming language, so developers can do many tasks. The possibilities of the language for programming are endless, but the main categories of work done with the language include websites, web apps, database access, desktop GUIs, scientific and numeric computing, education, network programming, big data, software, and game development.

The language is most often used for back-end development, although it can also be used for front-end and full-stack development.

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What are the skills required for a Python developer?

In addition to the soft skills that apply to any developer role, common skills employers look for when they hire Python programmers include APIs, AWS, Agile, Azure, CI/CD, CSS, DevOps, Django, Docker, Flask, and Git.

Plus icon

Why are Python developers in such high demand?

As discussed earlier, Python is the number one programming language on the TIOBE and PYPL indexes and has increased its lead over time.

The language is in high demand for a number of reasons, including that it is a powerful, open-source language with a wide range of use cases. Furthermore, because it is easy to learn, code can be written quickly, and simple syntax cuts down on code maintenance costs because of its high readability. Using the language also assists with productivity because the edit-test-debug cycle is very fast.

Another factor is that the Python community has a large and dedicated user base that can help support software developers in various ways, whether they are beginners or experts.

Another factor is that the Python community has a large and dedicated user base that can help support software developers in various ways, whether they are beginners or experts.

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How much does it cost to hire a Python developer?

In the United States, the average hourly rate to hire Python developers is $58.65, although this can be as low as $40 or as high as $70, depending on the state.

The cost to hire senior, experienced Python programmers through the Lithuanian software development agency JayDevs ranges from $39 to $62 an hour.

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How do I hire Python developers?

There are three main ways to hire Python developers: in-house, freelance, or through a software development agency.

In-house hiring gives you the most direct control but is the most expensive, while freelancers are the cheapest but give you the least direct control. Hiring through an agency is a middle ground regarding cost and level of direct control.

An example of an experienced software development agency specializing in Python development is the Lithuanian agency JayDevs. They can help you hire dedicated Python web developers or various other specialized work relating to the language.

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What strategies does JayDevs employ to attract top-tier Python developers to the recruitment process?

JayDevs employs a proactive approach, engaging with the Python developer community, participating in relevant events, and maintaining a solid online presence to attract top-tier talent to our recruitment process.

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How does JayDevs ensure the Python developers it recommends are up-to-date with the latest Python advancements?

We assess candidates on their knowledge of recent Python advancements and continuously update our recruitment team on the latest trends in Python development.

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