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A Complete Guide on How to Hire a React JS Developer

React JS is an open-source, front-end JavaScript UI library for web and mobile development, often used with other libraries such as MobX, Redux, and GraphQL.

There are quite a few frameworks and libraries for creating user interfaces, but React has gained enormous popularity within no time. To find out how popular a particular framework is, simply go to the official GitHub repository and look at how many stars it has—196k and that’s a hell of a lot!

Why was React created and why was it better than the MVC frameworks that came before?

The period from 2008 to 2013 was significant for web development. With the growing popularity of the internet and social media, companies wanted to find ways to make their sites more responsive and user-friendly. During this period, many popular JS frameworks were created, such as Ember.js and Angular.

In 2013, Facebook needed an MVC-like framework and didn’t want to use the most popular AngularJS. Firstly, since Google developed it, they couldn’t rely on that technology. The second reason was that Facebook’s development team saw the work and use of the framework for the web differently. So, they created the React.js library which solved several of the front-end problems they were facing; this included:

  1. DOM manipulation is an expensive operation and should be kept to a minimum,
  2. There was no library specializing in front-end manipulation at the time,
  3. Using too much jQuery is causing spaghetti code (unstructured and difficult-to-read code).

Why Use React?

Whether it’s a web or mobile app, there are many reasons to use React.

React is about minimalism

React only cares about ONE thing: the user interface and how it changes depending on the data you enter. You can think of React as a “V”-view in an MVC framework.

React has no limitations

React can be integrated with many different technologies. Front-end developers can use various libraries to handle Ajax calls (Axios, Superagent, or just the good old Fetch). On the back-end, developers can use PHP/Rails/Go/Python or any other language of your preference.

A rich ecosystem of tools

Another good reason React.js is one of the most popular frameworks for web development is that it comes with the proper toolset. This means that robust debugging, documentation and design tools are available as extensions for Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Among them are the Flux and Redux JS libraries, which complement React components and provide developers with simple workflows:

  1. Flux is based on the concept of unidirectional data flow. It contains multiple “stores” that are updated by a central dispatcher. The basic idea is to eliminate duplicate updates by only running the appropriate repositories.
  2. React Redux is similar to Flux but allows storing all application data in a single object.

Advantages of Using React

Productivity by reusing components

Reusing components wherever you need them is one of the main advantages of React. This simplifies development processes. Thus, the same code can be used to write equivalent functionality with some modifications.

Better performance via the VirtualDOM

Modern applications usually have large and complex DOM trees. What happens if you change just one thing inside the application? The DOM usually updates and rewrites the entire source code, whether you need to or not. This, in turn, can seriously affect the speed and performance of your mobile application.

However, in React, the DOM works very differently. When any element of the application is changed, React updates the Virtual Dom, and then compares the virtual DOM to the real DOM. That way, React can calculate how many changes need to be applied to the real DOM, and update only the changed elements, not all of them.

Writing components using JSX

JSX or JavaScript XML is a syntax extension for JavaScript. It was developed by Facebook to extend the functionality of HTML structures into JavaScript. With JSX, there is no need for separate HTML and JS codes.

JSX, along with virtual DOM, improves the performance and efficiency of React.js applications. JSX can also be used with other frameworks and libraries.


React.js’ top-down data flow ensures that the parent structure is not affected by changes made to the child structure. To change an object, a software engineer needs to only edit its states and make appropriate changes; thus, only a particular component will be updated, and the rest will remain unchanged. Consequently, this increases code stability.

Who Is a React Developer?

In short, a React developer develops and implements user functions for websites and applications using the React library. They are known as front-end developers, who are responsible for the look and functionality of a website or application to ensure a seamless user experience.

Menu buttons, graphical icons and images, online forms, voice recognition (i.e., Siri and Cortana), and interface are just a few of the interesting things a React developer can do.

React programmers can create apps and websites, develop user interface tests, reuse website scripts on mobile devices, and improve online applications’ user interface and performance.

Why Is There a High Demand for React Developers?

Based on the available StackOverflow and Statista data, React JS is the most commonly used library for developing user interfaces. Over 11 million live websites currently use the library. Given all this data and the number of websites with React technology, you’d think it would be easier to find and hire ReactJS developers. However, it is the opposite. With so many ReactJS developers for hire, the pool of hireable ReactJS programmers, coders and software engineers is large. But so is the demand. Due to this, the average ReactJS salary continues to rise, and hiring them can be very difficult, especially if you are looking for a skilled software engineer.

Companies Who Use React

ReactJS has grown in popularity because of its simplicity and versatility. Large organizations such as Facebook, PayPal, Uber, Instagram, Airbnb, and others use React in their tech stack to solve user interface problems, which contributes to its enormous popularity. Let’s take a closer look at a few companies:


Go to the Facebook site, and you’ll come across numerous interactive elements. If you want to integrate a post or add a comment, the whole page will reload to reflect this change. However, React developers can get around this by enabling partial reloading. For example, if you like a photo and click the like icon, it will change color to reflect the change, while the rest of the page remains unchanged.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

BBC has been using React since 2015, although it switched to a new React-based app called Simorgh somewhere around 2020. Simorgh is a single-page app created by the BBC World Service as a rendering platform.

The Simorgh platform was built to ensure that the site worked well and was accessible even on low-end phones, supported multiple languages (41+) and accelerated mobile pages (AMPs), and handled high traffic volumes. Currently, the BBC home page, articles page, photo gallery page, media asset page, and other site pages are running on the Simorgh platform.


At some point in their development, many aspiring developers were trained to create so-called Netflix clones. Netflix uses it to render the server side of its web pages by prefetching React, especially for the registration stream, which improved Netflix’s performance.

How to Hire a ReactJS Developer?

Responsibilities of a React JS developer

When you hire React JS developers, pay attention to their responsibilities. They may perform the entire list of these responsibilities or only a portion of them:

  • Collaborate with developers and designers to build web apps,
  • Develop reusable and future-proof components,
  • Website layout,
  • DOM rendering,
  • Design a scalable app architecture and the APIs to support it moving forward.

Skills to look for when you hire top React.js developers

  • Good knowledge of CSS, HTML, as well as CSS frameworks such as-Bootstrap, and CSS preprocessor-LESS/ SCSS,
  • Good knowledge of JS, JS ES6, TypeScript,
  • Knowledge of Webpack/Browserify tools,
  • Experience using Git as a management system,
  • Experience with React Router library,
  • Understanding of the principles and concepts of React JS: Virtual DOM and JSX,
  • Experience with Flux and Redux architectures,
  • Knowledge of ways to send data over HTTP—Rest/GraphQL,
  • Knowledge of at least one testing framework—Jest, Enzyme, Cypress, Selenium,
  • Experience with Type checkers such as Flow and ProTypes.
  • Familiarity with project management methodologies.
  • Understanding of Node.js and NPM for third-party integrations.

Every employer is primarily looking for talented professionals. For this purpose, they test and evaluate a professionals’ skills. More specifically, the hard skills. However, hard skills are not enough for the success of your ReactJS project. Employers also look for soft skills. Soft skills show how well a software engineer can interact with a team, manage it, or communicate with a client.

React JS component libraries every mobile developer needs to know

Another reason for React’s popularity is a large catalog of component libraries. When developers build applications, it’s the component libraries that save them time and effort. Pre-built components are buttons, menu items, forms, and more. By using pre-built components, the developer can perform the required functions in the application without having to create it from scratch.

Below are the 8 most popular component libraries based on the ratings on Github:

  1. Ant Design—Popular React UI library with many styled components ready for use. Github Stars: 73,700+
  2. Material UI—Set of React components that implement Google’s Material Design specification. Github Stars: 70,200+
  3. Chakra—Provides a set of accessible, reusable, and composable React components that makes it easier to create websites and apps. Github Stars: 19,900+
  4. React Bootstrap—A front-end Stylesheet library. Github Stars: 19,800+
  5. Blueprint—React-based UI toolkit for the web. Github Stars: 18,000+
  6. Semantic UI React—UI component framework for theming websites. Github Stars: 12,400+
  7. Fluent—A collection of utilities, React components, and web components for building web applications. Github Stars: 11,900+
  8. Evergreen—React UI Framework for building ambitious products on the web. Github Stars: 11,000+

These are just the most common component libraries. You may need more for your specific project.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Hiring a React Developer

The demand for best ReactJS developers is high, and this has led to a steady growth in ReactJS salaries worldwide. In fact, in 2017, Robert Half reported that ReactJS salaries will grow by 6.2 percent each year until 2025.

According to another 2021 study by Hired, the average salary of React developers worldwide rose by 6.2%, with an average increase of 1.1% in the United States, and in some states, salaries rose by more than 2.3%.

Based on this trend in the labor market, there is nothing left for employers to make their offers more attractive. For example, big bonuses, compensation for travel, meals, gym, and more. That said, many IT companies are competing to hire the best React.js developers. This is one of the reasons why many clients give up the idea of hiring in-house developers and hire remote developers through dedicated software development companies using the IT staff augmentation model. This approach to hiring has great advantages: you don’t need to spend time searching for and interviewing developers into your company; you don’t need to test the developer’s skills, since such companies already test developers before hiring them into their company; and the client pays only for the react.js developer’s work and nothing more.

Skill Set Affects React Developers’ Salary

Obviously, the more qualified and experienced a react.js developer is, the higher their average salary or hourly pay is. The variation in the salary of the same junior developer and senior developer can be quite significant. For example, consider the salary range of React developers in the US from the job site Neuvoo:

This chart shows the salary range of React developers by skill level and position. It is based on the latest data from the United States.

In addition, hourly rates differ significantly:

Region of Hiring and its Impact on React.js Developers’ Rates

Location is one of the main contributing factors affecting the developer’s salary and hourly rates. This is straightforward since living in the US, Western Europe, or Canada costs a penny compared to other countries like Lithuania, India, or Africa.

Based on Neuvoo, Indeed.com, Ziprecruiter.com, Glassdoor, and Salaryexplorer, we’ve compiled rounded, comparative annual React JS developer salary data by region and developer level.

Best option

Currently, Northern, Eastern, and Central Europe is the best option to hire remote or dedicated ReactJS developers. So, we strongly recommend considering Lithuania when looking for a competent vendor. This technical center has many advantages. One of the key point is the excellent price-performance ratio: the average price per hour in this region is $50/hour. At this rate, you get high-quality performance and a wide range of opportunities to implement your project. In addition, you will receive benefits such as constant availability and strong English proficiency, fast adaptation to your business processes, faster project implementation, because you don’t have to spend your time on searching, interviewing and training new employees, and a wide range of hiring React.js developers worldwide.

Model of cooperation and its impact on React developers’ rates

Great, now that we’ve finished discussing the numbers and locations, let’s move on to the next step—discovering the best ways to find and hire world-class React developers.

You can always take the easy route and Google, scour the internet, or ask for recommendations. But before you dive headfirst into this adventure, it’s worth considering the potential risks.

Unless you’re a tech expert, it can be difficult to assess the potential hires’ skills, abilities, and credentials. Let’s not forget, it takes a significant amount of time to properly vet each candidate, especially if you’re building an entire team from scratch. Just imagine one person’s evaluation alone could take half a day. So, if you’re planning on sifting through multiple candidates, be prepared to set aside a few weeks or more.

And if, by any chance, the candidates you choose don’t meet your expectations, you’d be back to square one.

Feeling a little uneasy? Yeah, we thought so. So, let’s look closer at each model.

In-house React Developers

Having all your developers in one physical location can undoubtedly have its perks; you can keep a close eye on their progress and easily coordinate their efforts. But let’s not sugarcoat it. There are a few downsides to consider as well.

First and foremost, be prepared to open your wallet wide. We’re talking taxes, salaries, insurance, and office rent—all the fun stuff, of course. Let’s just say that hiring in-house employees can put a dent in your budget. Secondly, the recruiting process can be quite challenging if you have a tech-savvy recruiter who is well-versed in mobile app development and knows how to properly assess React developers. If this is your first-second time hiring React developers, things can get a little tricky.

Hire freelance React.js developers

Hiring React freelancers can be your cheapest hiring option. Clients who have a tight budget quite often choose freelancers. This type of hiring is more suitable for startups or those who need to create an MVP.

However, we’ve all heard the horror stories—contractors who ghost their clients in the middle of a project, or scammers who take your money and run. It’s enough to make anyone think twice about hiring a freelancer from online marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer or even Toptal. It’s a valid concern and the reason why some companies prefer to work with a recruitment agency or a development agency is to have a certain level of confidence in the skills and abilities of the developers they hire.

Also, be prepared because freelance developers are difficult to manage and control. Things can go badly, and there is a good chance that you will have to start all over again with other React developers. We’ve had several clients who got burned out when freelancers built their app incorrectly, didn’t get the work done on time or at all, disappeared halfway through the project, or walked away with the code because no agreements were signed.

Outsourcing agencies

This model will suit you if you want to give the responsibility of you ReactJS development completely to another company and their developers. They take on projects of any complexity, and you are only charged for the amount of

This model will suit you if you want to give the responsibility of your ReactJS development completely to another company and their developers. They take on projects of any complexity, and you are only charged for the amount of work done.

The beauty of working with outsourcing agencies is that you can simply tell them what you need and they’ll take care of the rest. But let’s not beat around the bush here; the downside is the cost. Hiring an outsourcing vendor isn’t exactly cheap. And do you really want to give up a lot of control over the development process and almost no access to the development team?

So, is there a way to find top-notch React software developers without breaking the bank and still having control over the development process? In short, “Yes!”

It’s all about finding the balance between cost and quality of service. With a bit of research and clever negotiation, you can find the perfect development company to fit your budget and exceed your expectations.

Dedicated Software development company

The dedicated software development model is a popular method for hiring developers. In this model, a client hires a dedicated team or individual developer to work exclusively on their project for a specific period, typically on a full-time basis.

This approach allows for a high level of collaboration and communication between the client and developer, as well as flexibility in terms of adjusting the team’s size and skill set as the project progresses.

When a project comes your way, you can quickly find a React developer for hire, bring them on board and pay only for the tasks completed. No need to worry about maintaining a full-time in-house employee. On average, remote dedicated developers tend to be more cost-effective than hiring someone to work in-house. This can be a substantial economic advantage for your business.

So, if you’re looking for a safer and more efficient way to find top-notch developers, turn your attention to dedicated software development companies specializing in vetting developers. These companies have teams of talent acquisition managers who do all the heavy lifting for you by pre-screening and verifying the skills of potential candidates. When you reach out to one of these IT vendors, you can rest easy knowing that the developer you’re considering has already been thoroughly vetted and is safe to work with.

There are a lot of dedicated companies out there, but we will tell you about the one we know best.

About Us.

Why Hire a React Developer With JayDevs?

Coding standards, full-cycle project assistance, and on-time delivery commitment

At our company, we don’t mess around when it comes to hiring the best of the best. We only bring those who show amazing potential or exhibit exceptional programming knowledge on board. Once they’re on board, we make sure to sharpen their skills even further.

Numerically speaking, 93% of our developers are seniors—the crème de la crème, if you will. The remaining 7%? They’re no slouches either; they’re middle and lead software developers.

In short, we only settle for the best, and we make sure they stay that way.

You only pay for a developer’s time

The React.js developers you hire from Jaydevs will be your true employees, without the hassle of formalities, sick and vacation pay. You only pay for the time that the developer works on your project and don’t have to worry about any additional hiring fees. With us, you’ll save an average of 30% of a developer’s salary, which you can put towards buying more coffee or snacks for your in-house team/family/children.

It’s a win-win situation all around. You get a skilled developer working on your project and some extra cash in your pocket.

Speed and convenience

You don’t need to look for qualified React developers; JayDevs has already done that for you! When you work with Jaydevs, you are paired with developers, UI/UX designers, project managers, or a team of highly skilled developers with verified work histories.

With our React.js development services, your business will be soaring in the digital world in no time. All you have to do is fill out the “Contact Us” or “Hire Developers” form, and we’ll set you up with a free consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between React and React Native?

React, the trusty JavaScript library, is like your favorite recipe for a delicious homemade pizza. It allows developers to build complex and dynamic web applications by breaking them down into small, reusable toppings (components) and using a virtual oven (DOM) to ensure everything cooks perfectly.

React Native, the trusty JavaScript framework, is like your favorite food delivery app. It allows developers to use the same recipe (codebase) to make a pizza for both iOS and Android platforms. But instead of using web components, React Native uses native ingredients (components) to make sure the pizza (app) looks and tastes like a local pizzeria made it.

In short, React is perfect for building mobile web applications, while React Native is perfect for building mobile apps. Both share the same concepts and ideas but React Native uses native components and is optimized for mobile devices, whereas React is optimized for web browsers. Just like how pizza is pizza, it tastes different in different places.

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How to hire a React developer?

Once you’ve determined which collaboration model is best for you, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with a strategy that will make collaboration quality, seamless, and unproblematic.
1) Finding an IT vendor;
2) Task generation (RFP/SOW);
3) Interviews with candidates;
4) Implementing React experts into the project.

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What does a React developer do?

React developer is responsible for building and maintaining web and mobile applications using React library. This includes building reusable components, implementing complex UI elements, and optimizing the application’s performance.

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What should I look for in a React developer?

React developers should be able to work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript/ES6, properly use and refactor components, understand Redux and FLux, and be familiar with Webpack/Browserify tools.

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Can you migrate my existing web application or website into ReactJS?

Absolutely! Our experienced and skilled ReactJS developers can take on the task of migrating your current web application or website to ReactJS, ensuring improved performance and responsiveness for your users.
We understand the importance of a smooth transition, so our developers will work closely with you to ensure a seamless and efficient migration process.

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How much do React developers make?

The average React Developer salary in North America for entry-level positions starts anywhere between $48,000 per year, while most experienced React developers make up to $120,000 per year.

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How much does React cost?

The cost of hiring a React developer depends on the knowledge and experience, location of the developer, and the collaboration model. For example, if we talk about the IT staff augmentation model, Lithuanian React js developers’ junior level: $28-38/hour, middle developers: $39-54/hour, and senior developers: $55-60/hour.

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How does Jaydevs vet React developers’ skills?

First, we check and review the developer’s profile to ensure that they have a solid technical background and history. Then, we ask those selected to send in a self-presentation video in English to evaluate their language and communication skills, all of which are important for effective remote work. In the next step, we conduct a technical interview or programming session with a member of our staff to assess the candidate’s skills.

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Do you sign an NDA?

Yes, we do. We want to ensure that your innovative ideas are protected by signing a non-disclosure agreement before proceeding further with our contract.

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How do I test your React developers' expertise?

You can test the skills and experience of our developers by interviewing them via Skype (or another tool). In addition, you could provide trial tasks to assess the developers’ coding skills.

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I have my own in-house technical team and want to expand it with dedicated resources. Can your developers work with them remotely?

Of course! Our React.js dedicated development team has years of experience working remotely with several in-house teams.

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How to hire react developers from Jaydevs?

To hire react js developers from Jaydevs, please leave your contact information on our ‘Contact Us’ page or fill out the ‘Hire Developers’ form. Once we receive your contact information, we will contact you shortly.

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Can you work according to my time zone?

Yes. Our ReactJS developers can work according to your time zone, be it EST, CST, PST, or MST.

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Will you re-use my code?

No. We take business principles and ethics seriously, and we never use code that was used for another project. Anything that was used to develop your project is yours alone.

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Hire a ReactJS Developer:
How much should you spend?

Our calculator can help you estimate costs for the expertise you need. Get more information about hourly breakdowns, per staffer hired in a few clicks.