Jay.devs Praised as Proactive, Professional in Latest Client Review

People all over the world are relying more and more on digital platforms for entertainment, communication, information and more. And that is increasingly happening on mobile phones. In fact, The Verge reports that people spend an average of four hours a day on their phones – just over 16 percent. For any business hoping to break through the crowded digital space, a well-designed website or app is crucial.

Jay.devs is a software development and design company with more than 15 years of experience understanding how to catch and keep the eyes of consumers. Our team of more than 50 engineers is equipped with the skills to tackle all kinds of projects, from gaming design to apps and testing. Whether it is building from scratch or boosting current software, Jay.devs knows how to help.

Our ability to provide impressive work has won the praise of our clients online and a perfect 5 star review. Our most recent review on Clutch, a B2B ratings and review website, praises our engineers’ professionalism and proactive attitude. We helped develop a mobile gaming app for the company, which has been well received not just by the clients, but also by the game users. 

“The game has been received very positively so far, securing a 5.0 average rating across more than 100 downloads in its first year. The engineers from Jay.devs were extremely professional and effective, delivering quality code in a timely manner and addressing all concerns upfront as they arose.” – Executive Director, Game Design Company.

Our proactive nature was also praised by another of our clients on Clutch. We designed and tested several iOS and Android apps for them, as well as designing ongoing features such as calendar and payment integration. They found us well-coordinated and on-time.

“Though quantitative results are not yet available, Jay.devs has contributed significant process value. Their ability to identify and circumvent potential roadblocks has resulted in steady development progress. Customers can expect regular updates and thorough, high-quality app testing.” – Executive Director, Tech Company.

You can also check us out on Clutch’s partner website, The Manifest. The Manifest shares rankings of market leaders based on specialty and location, along with state-of-tech articles and how-to guides. We’re listed in The Manifest’s list of top software developers in Tallinn. 

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