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Guides How to Hire a Software Developer: The Ultimate Guide

Jaydevs’ Guide to Hiring Software Developers: Introduction

This hiring guide brings forward the cycle of articles aiming at step-by-step assistance to help you find and distinguish qualified developers in their field.

Regardless of the current market situation, there is one thing that remains unchanged – software developers are always in demand. Even if you don’t need to hire a developer now but plan to do it in the future it might be useful to familiarize yourself with these materials.

The guide covers such key aspects as search, interviewing, rates of developers, hiring developers from different regions and with different technology stacks, and much more.

For convenience and better comprehension, we divided our articles into logical sections. Every section includes a group of articles devoted to different aspects of hiring software developers.

What type of software developer you want to hire

Developers possess a wide array of skills and abilities. However, first of all you need to understand the main difference between the types of developers and their seniority level. Knowing this, you can effectively assess their potential.

If you are not savvy in software development and therefore not familiar with how the hiring process works pay attention to this part: 

01. Types of software developers: whom to hire?
02. How to hire a Mobile developer?
03. How to hire a Web developer?
04. How to hire an Android developer?
05. How to hire an iOS developer?
06. How to hire a Full Stack developer?
07. How to hire a Front End developer?
08. How to hire a Back End developer?
09. 5 software developer levels: whom to choose?

What tech stack of software developers you want to hire 

A simultaneous interpreter needs a quick reaction and a good memory. Surgeons require excellent hand-eye coordination. Software developers should be good at mainstream programming languages.

Skills and languages your developer should possess depend on the role this person should perform. For instance, Javascript is widely used in retail projects and dynamic web applications, while Java is common in e-commerce and finance-related applications. 

Below, we list the articles covering the full hiring process for technology-specific developers:

10. How to hire a Java developer?
11. How to hire a JavaScript developer?
12. How to hire a React Native developer?
13. How to hire a React JS developer?
14. How to hire a Node JS developer?
15. How to hire an Angular developer?

Pricing and collaboration models when hiring a developer

There are plenty of software development companies that greatly vary in terms of services costs. How much does it cost to hire a software developer? Should you hire an in-house, freelancer, remote, or small offshore company? You will find all these and even more answers in our articles:

16. How and where to find developers who meet your needs?
17. 3 most popular pricing models in IT industry.
18. How much does it cost to hire an app developer in 2021?
19. Remote vs On-Site Work Meaning: Pros and Cons.
20. How to hire remote developers successfully?
21. InHouse vs Dedicated vs Freelance Developers: how to choose?
22. OnShore vs NearShore vs OffShore software development.
23. How to hire offshore software developers?

Recommended reading

We also touched on the topics covering organizational aspects of hiring as well as potential pitfalls to be avoided.

24. 8 mistakes to avoid when hiring a software developer.
25. Software Development Offshore Outsourcing Contract: Key Aspects
26. Why soft skills matter when hiring a software developer?
27. Top 8 best coding interview platforms.
28. Onboarding: how to involve a developer in the team and development process?

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